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These photos were all taken in and around Staplefield over the last few weeks.
Please email me any photos by clicking here.
Let me know if you don't wished to be credited with them.

Copyright 2021 Paul Hunter All Rights Reserved

27 Jul

More sex in the lake. This time its a pair of azure damselflies.
Only the male is blue, the female mainly green.


25 Jul

Coots are brutal in the way they bring up their chicks. This fascinating article explains the benefits of
the chick having its red and orange colouration.


22 Jul

Broad-bodied chasers mating. The male is blue and the female, yellow.



Grey wagtails are common around this part of Sussex, as long as there is a stream or pond nearby.
They have a longer tail than the pied and yellow wagtails.
A yellow wagtail is much rarer, yellow & green all over, not that I have ever seen one.


21 Jul

Courgettes might not be top of my list as tasty vegetables (unless fried in butter) but
the flower is one of the best in the kitchen garden.



Hedge woundwort, obviously used for healing in olden times
is a favourite of shield bugs. I'm not sure why, and I didn't see any today!


19 Jul

Looking north. There's still plenty of green in the fields, but as the grasses set their seeds there are
waves of gold in the breeze.


18 Jul

Grass vetchling, with its beautiful pink flowers is only really possible to spot once in flower.
Its foliage is almost identical to the surrounding grass.


photo courtesy of Margaret Dean

16 Jul

A buzzard being mocked by a pair of kestrels who are raising their young (very noisily) in a nearby
ash tree. Kestrels don't seem very good at keeping their nesting sites secret.


15 Jul

Is this an orange grisette? The flaky stem would suggest it.
Although it is meant to be edible, it is an amanita with some very poisonous relatives
so I would steer well clear.


12 Jul

Fallow deer are so common around the village that it's a rare treat to see a roe.
This is a young buck. Roe are solitary animals and not often seen in a group of more than three.


10 Jul

A colourful longhorn beetle. A wood boring beetle that is often seen on flowers, especially enjoying
bramble and hogweed.



A ringlet butterfly. Probably a male as it appears almost black. On this speciment the rings are easily visible
on the upper wings, but they can be much more faint.


photos courtesy of Margaret Dean

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