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These photos were all taken in and around Staplefield over the last few weeks.
Please email me any photos by clicking here.
Let me know if you don't wished to be credited with them.

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20 Mar

The village pond on Upper Common has been replenished after a couple of weeks' rain.
At the far side the Marsh Marigolds are in bloom.


19 Mar

Primroses are adding colour to the banks.



Cloudy, but warm and still by the lake below The White House.
But not quite so calm with a few noisy pairs of Canada Geese making themselves heard.


17 Mar

I assume that this is a Willow Warbler or a Chiffchaff. But it did have a very yellow chest
which might mean that it is an early arrival Wood Warbler.



Oak Moss, although it grows on other trees as well. Some blackthorn bushes are covered in it.


16 Mar

Healthy lumps of fertilised frogspawn. How many of these black dots will grow into adults is a guess.
It's thought to be about two percent. The rest become prey to ducks, fish, beetles, newts, dragonfly larvae,
rats, foxes and hedgehogs.


photo courtesy of Margaret Dean

14 Mar

Beautiful colours and patterns in this oak. I believe that a fungus is responsible for the
beautiful colourings. The pinky/purple colour within the wood is quite a common sight,
but the deep purple in the bark is a bit more unusual.


photo courtesy of Margaret Dean

13 Mar

Close up & personal.
If you get close up to a bit of woodland floor you see all the little bits of life that you miss as you walk by.
Here there are beautiful colours of a decaying catkin and yound wood anemones pushing through the fallen oak leaves.
And that is on top of the bluebell, dog mercury and violets.


I'm not a great fan of large daffodils but the little wild daffodils are lovely harbingers of spring.



The pale, unfolding leaves of wood sorrel.
Soon they will have a delicate little, pink-veined white flower.


4 March

Looking south towards Cuckfield from Balcombe on Sunday afternoon.


3 March

A Jay perching in an Alder. While usually eating acorns and seeds they have obtained a poor image
with the public for their habit of taking young birds.



The first Blackthorn buds that I've seen. Just in time for next week's cold snap.
Wintry weather in March and April is often referred to as 'Blackthorn Winter'


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