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These photos were all taken in and around Staplefield over the last few weeks.
Please email me any photos by clicking here.
Let me know if you don't wished to be credited with them.

Copyright 2022 Paul Hunter All Rights Reserved

26 Jun

I hope no one minds me editing and posting this picture which I've been sent and was originally posted on
some social media. Apart from the speed limit sign it looked pre-war so I have changed it to black & white.
In fact it was taken last week with a few cows enjoying their brief taste of freedom.



Unlike damselflies, dragonflies stow their wings out at about 90 degrees to their bodies.
I'm not good at identification but I think that this might be a Brown Hawker.


23 Jun

A couple more views of the Painted Lady. With the wings closed there is usually a much pinker shade
to the underside of the front wing than this specimen.



The Painted Lady is the most widespread butterfly in the world. It also migrates to the uk from south of the sahara,
but takes a couple of generations to do so. Even so it is a strong flier and can store enough energy to stay airborne
for up to 40 hours.


22 Jun

This Fallow doe has very fine, distinct, markings along her spine.
She also has a taste for garden flowers, fruit and vegetables which is less attractive.


21 Jun

There are plenty of reasons to dislike stinging nettles. But a close look at them when they are in flower
reveals them to be a bit more colourful and interesting. They are immensely valuable to insects and
especially some butterflies (red admirals etc) whose larvae use them as a main food source.


20 Jun

Sorrel seeds are setting this month and giving many of the fields, that have not been cut for hay, a reddish glow.
Sorrel leaves are vinegary and have been chewed by workers in the field and used in recipes for years.


19 Jun

I'm loath to criticise a songbird but this Song Thrush has about four very noisy and not
very harmonious tunes.


18 Jun

Most butterflies have dull underwings (for camouflage) and brighter top wings.
This Small Tortoiseshell has folded up its wings and looks pretty uninteresting....



...but when it flies away and settles on this Valerian flower its best outfit is on display.


17 Jun

A squash bug which, like shield bugs, can emit a foul smell to deter predators.
It also makes them taste disgusting if you happen to eat one accidentally in a salad!



If you plan on making elderfower champagne it's getting to be a bit late. There are some flowers, like this one,
but most have aleady started producing berries. Maybe wait, and produce some elderberry wine.


15 Jun

The Meadow Brown is the most common butterfly in the fields around the village. Next month
smaller Gatekeepers will be competing in number.



It's easy to see where a herd of fallow have had their nap.


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