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The Cumulative Graph compares this year's rainfall with previous years,
highlighting also the wettest and driest years.



The graph below compares summer rainfall (Apr-Sep) with that of winter (Oct-Mar).

Winter rainfall is considered more 'valuable' as it is this rain that replenishes underground reserves.

It is also a good example of poor grahics. I am working on it.

This last winter's rainfall was less than the preceding summer rainfall for only the third time
since I started keeping records. The only previous occasions were winter 1999-2000
and winter 2012-13 (which followed the record wet summer of 2012).



Annual Rainfall in Staplefield with a ten year moving average



2023 Monthly Rainfall- blue dots,
plotted against the bar chart showing the max, min and average for each month (since 1993)



2022 Monthly Rainfall


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