The bold line on this graph shows the present level of water in our well, compared with previous years' records.

A level of 40ft (the top of the graph) would indicate that the well is full to surface level.
The highest level reached each winter is usually about 8ft below this.

The well is an old farmhouse well which used an engine to supply water. The well was disused
and filled in and I only re-opened and excavated it about fifteen years ago.

The exact source of the well is unclear but it seems to be fed from groundwater which feeds down
the hill from Nymans and the land towards Handcross. There are several springs nearby on a springline
about 30ft below the level of the top of the well, so it seems logical that the well taps into this supply.

It tastes okay.


Last Measurement: 12 Nov 2022 (Depth in feet)

Current year (purple line) plotted against previous years.


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